About us

1997 saw the introduction of Salmantinos Delikatesser AB, our exclusive importation of high-quality Spanish delicacies. “Salmantinos” is the traditional name for people who originate from the city of Salamanca in north western Spain, such as our own Mariano Rodriguez. This region is the origin of the olives, olive oils and cured meats that Mariano missed so dearly.

Our entire product range is based on organic and origin-labelled quality delicacies from all over Spain. Something that is appreciated by our customers who range from quality-conscious bistro businesses to private connoisseurs. We have become particularly known for our products sprung from the black, Spanish Iberico pig which originates from the Mariano homelands. It is from this breed of pig that the exclusive ham Jamon Iberico de Bellota Gran Reserva is derived, also known as Pata Negra.

But Spain also has a rich cheese culture, many varieties of honey, sausages and fantastic preserves. By taking advantage of the raw materials when they are at their best one can “preserve the taste,” and enjoy them all the year round.